Fishing Sinkers, Stained glass, Curtin weights, Batteries, Floor tiles, Galvanized wire, Hard ware cloth, Linoleum, Mirrors, Electrical wires, Wrapping foil, New carpet, Scotch guard, Scotch guarded new furniture, Scented candles, Glade plug-ins, Incenses, Carpet powder, Air conditioners filter scent packs, Potpourri, Zinc hard ware, Human saliva, Cat bite or scratch, Hot glue guns, Spray adhesives, Perfume, Make-up brushes, Fireworks, Furniture polish, Pressure treated woods, Varnished wood work, Chlorine, Leather Protectors, Ironing boards, Ironing board covers, Appliances with Teflon inserts, Cedar Bedding, Waxy store advertisements paper, PVC cleaners and glue, Costume jewelry, Smoke, Copper coins, Paper towel rolls, Rusted cages, Brass or Chrome, Nuts and bolts, Thermometer,


Avocado, Coffee, Alcohol, Chocolate, Fruit pits, Apple seeds, High salt items, Corn, Mushrooms, Raw peanuts in the shell, Soft drinks, Tea, Wine, Caffeine, Wet pellets, Wet fruits left for too long.


Moldy Corn Cob, Sandpaper perch covers, Frayed rope toys, Frayed torn happy huts, Cotton candy toys, Dowels only, Zinc hardware on toys , Cedar bedding, Lava toys, Mineral block toys, Gravel/grit for hook bills, Gravel paper, Toy hanger clips, SOFT PVC (polyvinylchloride) Penguin rooker toy , Unclosed chain, Suede strips, Sand covered branches, Leashes & harnesses , Toys too small, Open G hooks (close with pliers) Cow bells or jingle bells


Ammonia, Cleaners, Anti-freeze, Auto products, Asbestos, Bleach, Boric acid, Camphophenque, Carbon Monoxide, Charcoal fluids, Corn/wart remover, Deodorants, Detergents, Diazinon, Disinfectants, Drain cleaners, Felt tip markers, Flea products, Floor polish, Formaldehyde , Gasoline, Glues, Gun cleaners, Hair dyes and sprays, Herbicides, Insecticides, Iodine, Kerosene, Lighter fluids Lye, Matches, Metal cleaners, Mothballs, Nail polish and remover, Oven cleaners, Paint thinners, Pesticides, Ink pens, Lead pencils, Febreeze, Wax, Teflon pans, Suntan oil, Shellac, Wood preservatives.

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