Our Military Macaw Louis (luey)… thats his name and his rank!
Our Cockatoo Jack, aka, La-la-la … a true song and dance man!
Zou-zou our Sun-conure ( right ) and Rio our Green-Cheek Conure( left ) perching themselves for a picture!

Our Story

Our journey to open Squawk Hospitality started when we brought our Military Macaw, Louis, home. Over the last couple of years we have learned so much. While there is always more to learn…you’ve got questions we’ve got answers or can refer you to someone who does. The long trips to get food and toys and the time spent learning about our friends served to convince us that Squawk Hospitality would be an excellent addition to our town.

Since we opened in November 2017, a lot of exciting things have been happening! We have added the option to board your feathered friend while you take a well deserved vacation, business trip or just need to get away!  Most importantly we have met some fantastic folks who truly love our avian friends. We want to make Squawk Hospitality the place to visit…whether your friend needs a home, some food, toys or something unique from our Shabby Squawk Chic Boutique for yourself or someone else. Come on in even if it’s to hang out with our flock, you AND your avian companion are always welcome.

Nathalie, Head of the Flock, wants you and your companion to have a great experience while you’re at Squawk Hospitality and when you’re enjoying your time together at home.

We look forward to seeing you again soon or meeting you for the first time!